Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Friends Went to EschaCon and All I Got Was This Lousy Attitude

I have a cat who needs a trip to the vet's, a friend who spent last night in jail, and some sort of respiratory infection that just won't quit. Lots of my online friends are at EschaCon in Philadelphia right now, and despite having been practically ordered to show up, I couldn't because of transportation logistics...and it seems as though it would have been better to have stayed home, had I even tried to go. (How does one cross an international border by rail, anyway?)

Not that I'm, you know, bitter or anything...

Update: Hello to friends from FDL! And thank you Spocko for mentioning me. As always, you're way too good to me. Maybe I can make it to EschaCon or whatever's passing for YKos next year. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, birushalayim ba'shana haba'a...)