Thursday, April 03, 2008

I Didn't Like You Much Before; I Like You Even Less Now


If I were a politician and a tape came out where I said, ""The A's are guys like me, the B's are homosexual faggots with dirt on their fingernails that transmit disease," do you think I'd be ripe for my political party kicking me out of my seat?

Apparently, according to Stephen Harper and the CRAP Crew, it's ok to make mean-spirited homophobic remarks as long as you really and sincerely apologise...

...after you get caught, of course.

And naturally, "House Leader Peter Van Loan says Regina Lumsden Lake Centre MP Tom Lukiwski has apologized for his remarks and the Conservatives are convinced he does not hold those same views today."

You got any, uh, evidence for that? This is after all, a guy who gained his seat because his predecessor got kicked out of the party (probably strictly on an optics deal) for suggesting that homosexuality be recriminalised. Note to Saskatchehoovian LGBT people: Avoid Regina like the plague; they grow the bigots thick up there.

Apparently someone else on the same tape said "Roy Romanow's got his head up his ass I don't even know how he walks upright with his head so far up his ass," and a third person on the tape said that "Grant Devine will ... kick the balls right off of that hard-headed slut [former Saskatchewan Liberal party leader Lynda Haverstock]." (Obligatory radical feminist moment: Note that in the mind of whoever said that, Lynda Haverstock is a "slut" because she's "hard-headed" but she apparently has "balls" to boot. So which is it, boys, balls, or sluttiness? Seems the way you patriarchal rubes construct this stuff, you can't really have both in one feminine package... Unfortunately, the rank misogynistic comment is also the only one quoted where the speaker isn't named. Whoever you are, you have problems. Lots of problems.)

Nice going, guys. Throw in some gratuitous comments about "drunken Indians," "Pakkies," or whatever the hell the current cool ethnic slur is, and you'll have hit the bigotry trifecta.

Jesus. If I were Stephen Harper (which I'm not, thank goodness) I'd throw all of these guys out of the party just for the optics. It's disgusting how many people actually vote for people who think this way. (It's more disgusting how many people actually think that way, but they're also not usually enacting public policy.)


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