Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Annoy Antonia Zerbisias

According to her article here:

Meanwhile, with very few exceptions, the left/liberal blogosphere remains silent. Not just about "Reutersgate," but also about the Israel-Lebanon conflict.

I know people were talking about that bad Photoshop job on DKos today. Other than that, I've been kind of out of the loop. Thing is, at least according to stats I've seen, Kos is bigger in terms of audience than the entirety of Right Blogistan, and bigger than cable news.

On the other hand, I do know most of the major left blogs, including Kos, Eschaton, Crooks&Liars, and Firedoglake have talked about the Israel/Lebanon thing. Quite a few of the second-tier blogs, including Pandagon, Orcinus, Digby's Hullaballoo, Glenn Greenwald, Echidne of the Snakes and First Draft have talked about it quite a lot. I also know a lot of the smaller blogs, including this one, No Capital, The Gods Are Bored, Hecate, and Aron's Israel Peace Weblog have also talked about it.

Juan Cole (Informed Comment) and Billmon have done practically nothing but talk about it.

I kind of missed the whole Reuters thing, because I was offline for most of the weekend, out in the sticks house-sitting for my parents, and didn't read really any news except for the local rag, which is useful only for starting fires and emergency toilet paper. (You can't even wrap fish in it, because the damned vegetable-based inks they use these days rub off all over the place.)

If you have written about this, or you have some good article cites, please post them or send a nice polite note to Zerbisias, who is usually suffering from a balky clue server, definitely has her head up her ass this time. Just because Left Blogistan isn't All Israel, All The Time doesn't mean we aren't talking about it. (All Israel, All The Time sounds like one of my Winamp playlists, and I know for damn sure I have a mix CD called "Kol Israel, Kol Ha'zman," but that's tangential.)

Context: For those of you not here in Soviet Canuckistan, The Toronto Star is usually one of the good guys -- a nominally left-leaning paper in Canada's overwhelmingly right-wing mediasphere, and a paper which spends prodigious amounts of money maintaining international bureaux that do real reporting from overseas, instead of just relying on wire services like everyone else. Not too bad for what's ostensibly a "local paper." Personally, I think they're what the NYT only wishes it were these days.


Blogger Anne Johnson said...

I have kept pretty mum about Israel because my views on it are more extreme than anyone I know who isn't in the Palestinian parliament. But thanks for the plug. I like being named in the same entry as the big dogs.

1:27 PM  
Blogger spocko said...

Hi ?! sorry I couldn't contribute to this, but I was tied up with another project.

Drop me a line I'll tell you about it.

10:45 PM  
Blogger bonneyanne said...

I've never gotten the whole leftist Muslims-are-right-Israel-is-wrong attitude towards Hamas and the PLO. Maybe it's all those photographs with only men in the streets in Palestine and wondering where all the women are. Or the photo served up without comment of Palestinian boys romping in shorts in the surf and fully grown adult women looking shyly at the camera in drenched full length robes and veils.

Now they're doing it again with Hezbollah. Hezbollah started this by attacking Israel. Hezbollah and Hamas and the PLO are *terrorist* organizations whose unapologetic decades-long violence has gained them respectability. They represent theocracies that overtly subjugate women, that force women to live lives circumscribed and defined by men for their entire span. Israeli women may not have full equality, but at least they can dress like human beings, work jobs, hold office, be in the streets. As a woman who has to live daily with male violence and discrimination in the U.S. because of the common consensus to ignore it, a consensus especially infuriating on the liberal side, I can't help but side with Israel.

I used to identify right down the line as a liberal, but liberals' exemption of sexism from the anti-pantheon did away with that. They seem to have exempted anti-Israeli terrorist organizations as well. I so very much wish North American women had Israel's "Here I stand" attitude.

2:35 AM  
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