Friday, October 13, 2006

Unusual Hazards in Afghanistan (and Elsewhere)

I don't normally do humour on this blog, but for a bit of Friday levity, may I present this article from CNN:

Canada troops battle 10-foot Afghan marijuana plants
OTTAWA, Canada (Reuters) -- Canadian troops fighting Taliban militants in Afghanistan have stumbled across an unexpected and potent enemy -- almost impenetrable forests of marijuana plants 10 feet tall.

General Rick Hillier, chief of the Canadian defense staff, said Thursday that Taliban fighters were using the forests as cover. In response, the crew of at least one armored car had camouflaged their vehicle with marijuana.


One soldier told [Hiller] later: "Sir, three years ago before I joined the army, I never thought I'd say 'That damn marijuana'."

Well, I knew Afghanistan was a high-altitude kind of place, but I didn't realise they meant high-altitude...


Also, for a bit more blog-related Friday fun, my friend Tomble spotted this picture somewhere.

Someone takes a blog comment to the Big Blue Room.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL thats funny both the 10 ft plants and the picture your friend took.

8:08 AM  
Blogger Anne Johnson said...

I'm adding Afghanistan to my vacation destinations. But it's still behind Bosnia and Macedonia. If I happened on a field of ganj plants 10 feet high, I couldn't pinch myself hard enough to convince me I wasn't dreaming.

12:17 PM  

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