Sunday, September 28, 2008

Okay. Folks? Folks, please? Listen up...

This is an example of a real live, living, breathing example of a genuine Canadian hard right-winger. Right now, he's got an erection the size of Alberta contemplating the thought of a Harper majority, because people on the voting left (which is plus or minus 60% of us, and probably would be more if people like my folks really paid attention to what the right-CPC was about, rather than just thinking it'll allow them to pay less taxes) can't get their shit together and are about to split the vote.


We've been here before, at least those of us in Ontario. I'm speaking, of course, of Mike Harris' eking out narrow-margin victories in two elections. Speaking as someone who spent most of the Harris years broke and unemployed, it sucked. (Oddly, my work prospects improved dramatically once McGuinty got in office and got settled. Funny, that.)

You will remember that a lot of Harper's advisors and brain trust are ex-Harrisites.

Harper has also already gone on record saying (to a group of American right-wing think-tankers) that he wants to make Canada over in their image, and that if he gets elected even with a minority, he's going to govern as if he had a "mandate." (Shades of Bush the Younger.)

Let's play that back again, with a slightly less charitable perspective, shall we: The man is saying that he's going to actively go against at least 60% of the electorate with the aim of turning this country into USA North.

Do you people who are throwing your support behind the laughable Greens and the NDP really want that? Is it fucking worth not sucking it up and voting for Stephane Dion this once just so that you can act all smug about how righteous you are? Meanwhile Harper will be burning down civil rights (as he's already shown a willingness to do, since he apparently doesn't have a mother or doesn't think his mother is human), Medicare, a humane criminal-justice system with a low recidivism rate (to replace it with the high-recidivism rate, state-sanctioned torture, US-style Prison-Industrial Complex), and so on...

Yeah, thank you ever so much for being so ideologically pure, you've lost all sense of perspective. And since I'm not optimistic about the leftward-leaning politicians' ability to get their shit together and form a coalition government in the event of another minority government, I'll righteously punch you in the head every time the second Harper administration takes down another institution on the advice of their Scaife-funded ideological mentors in the US. I hope you don't mind. Country over party this time, please?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with the Canadian self-righteous, ideologically pure types. I've been pounding on a Nader-ite lo these past 8 years to no avail --- he steadfastly refuses even to be embarassed, much less repentenant or willing to admit he made the wrong choice.

6:17 PM  

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