Thursday, September 25, 2008

Resources for Interesting Times: An Annotated Linkography

This entry is an annotated list of some resources you might need to help you survive times of political and social upheaval, posted purely for informational purposes.

1: Documentation

This section will give links to and information about obtaining identification and other documents.

Passport Canada: Information on applying for and renewing a Canadian passport. Includes a link to downloadable forms (left sidebar) and service locations.

CDC NCHS site with state information on obtaining birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates.

United States Passport Office: Information on obtaining and renewing a United States passport. Includes downloadable forms, an application status check, and information on office closures.

UK Identity and Passport Service: Gives instructions on applying for and renewing passports, has links to the site for obtaining UK identity cards, travel advice, and services for people with disabilities.

Birth Certificate information page from Service Canada, with links to provincial pages with the relevant birth certificate information.

Order Certificates site from the General Register Office, UK, for obtaining copies of birth, death, adoption, marriage, and civil partnership certificates.

Service Canada site with information on obtaining or updating a Social Insurance card.

Social Security site with information on how to request a Social Security card. Includes a location finder.

2: How-Tos

This section gives information on how to do specific tasks, as noted below. I've included regional information for how-tos that are specific to one country or jurisdiction.

How To Put Together a Bugout Bag -- A "bugout bag" is a kit (or a list of easily-grabbable items) you can have on hand that you can take with you in the event of having to leave your home on extremely short notice in case of an emergency.

How to Get Legal Aid (Canada). Also see Canlaw's guide to Legal Aid Offices in Canada.

How To Find Cheap Legal Services (US-based). Feministe's "Help Us Help Ourselves" guide to finding a lawyer when you don't have a lot of money.

How to Deal With Being Arrested; the ACLU's guide on what to do if you get arrested. (US) Here is a similar how-to for Canada.

How To Make a Refugee Claim in Canada from

How to Assemble a Document Emergency Kit: Good advice on making sure your critical documents (or at least copies of them with all the information required to obtain replacement copies) survive an emergency.

How To Blog Anonymously And Safely: Tips on preserving your anonymity in the blogosphere.

How to Deal with Identity Theft: Information from the Federal Trade Commission (US).

Privacy Commissioner's site on identity theft and how to deal with it.

Home Office Identity Fraud Steering Committee page on what to do if your identity is stolen (UK).

How to Pay Your Bills Late and Avoid Disconnection: This guide is primarily aimed at readers in the US, but some of the information applies as well in Canada.

How to Eat Well While Poor guide from Brownfemipower.

3: Other

This section contains miscellaneous useful links.

UK Legal Services Commission, legal aid in the UK.


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