Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Dear Mr. Klein

I am a blogger. I'm also a professional writer. I do, in fact, do research (my last commissioned piece clocked in at 3500 words and included 42 citations in 35 endnotes -- yours?), and I do, in fact, have an editor. (I actually have three or four I work with on a regular basis -- you?)

Incidentally, I have a few not-inconsiderable editing chops myself, too, given that I'm going to be starting a position as a senior editor with a firm in Eastern Canada in about a month and a half.

Maybe before you go slagging bloggers as being know-nothing amateurs, you should take a moment and realise that some of us aren't amateurs. Maybe we don't write for the New York Times, but you can still be in the biz and not in the Times.

Yours anonymously,