Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Great Canadian Flyer-In

Or: Interrobang Writes Letters

I got so fed up today with the CRAP MP from one riding over spamming my house with his junk mail perpetual-campaign propaganda flyers (and a very explicit Christmas card, just in case anyone forgets that all real Canadians are supposed to be celebrating Christmas -- bet that plays well in Peoria the big Muslim neighbourhood just down the way in that riding...), I wrote him an angry e-mail demanding that he stop sending us his crap since we don't even live in his riding and can't, therefore, vote for him.

Then I found out that the Harperoids do this a lot, and they've been spending outrageous amounts of taxpayer dollars doing it, too.

If you're tired of these twerps mailing you stuff when you don't even live in their riding (or even if you do; they sure do seem to send a lot of it), save up a few weeks' worth of your (non-identifiable) junk mail -- all those grocery flyers, solicitation letters, bulk circulars, and all that other crap -- and maybe a few weeks' worth of your friends' and neighbours', and then truck it all down to the offending MP's office and drop it there.

You could stick it through the mail slot with a note to the effect of "You've been spamming us with your junk mail; now it's our turn...", or just walk into the office, say you're protesting the CRAP policy of doing this, and dump the shit on the floor, and then turn around and walk out. I'd suggest packing it all up and mailing it to them postage-free, except that'd just be spending more tax money exacerbating the problem.


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