Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Brief And Cranky Reminder

Teleology is bullshit.

Disabled people are not about you. Disabled people don't exist to "teach you" things. We're not your instructional objects, so shut the fuck up until you grow out of your absurd religious fetish.

Simply because having the experience of being around a disabled person has caused you to expand your mind doesn't mean that that person exists to expand your mind. To quote from the excellent essayist A.C. Grayling, "In case you need reminding, the point can be illustrated as follows: I would not be writing this on a laptop if computers had not been invented, but this does not prove that computers were invented so that I could write this." Framing the issue the other way is grossly offensive to every disabled person on the planet and mighty arrogant of you.


Just to show that I'm not a completely nasty person all the time, here's a lovely Hadiqa Kiyani video for you to enjoy: Dholan Aawein Ha, Jhook Wasaven Ha.


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