Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Project Worth Endorsing

As seen on Pandagon, San Cai Bao from Fugitive From Gilead has started Emergency Kindness, an organisation which hopes to have a network of "Janes" (and possibly "Joes") in place to deliver emergency contraception to women who need it, in time for them to use it effectively. Since I've been writing about emergency contraception for years (ever since I yanked Katha Pollitt's original article on the subject wholesale off The Nation's site and posted it in its entirety on another one of my online journeaux a clef), I wanted to bring this to perhaps a few more people's attention than might see it otherwise.

My original take for the Internationale is here. Those of you who are worried about prescriptions and the legality of passing on prescription medicines to people for whom they have not been prescribed, please pay attention to this possibly-salient (depending on location) fact:

Emergency contraception is available without a prescription for the asking at most Canadian pharmacies. It costs $40CDN, and most pharmacists are very willing to dispense it. ... My suggestion is, if you live in the US and you are close enough to the Canadian border, particularly to Ontario and BC (where I happen to know pharmacists are unlikely to claim "moral objections" and where pharmacies commonly stock Plan B), and you need emergency contraception, think about coming here. Think about buying some to take home if you're here visiting, playing the casinos in Windsor, visiting Niagara Falls or Stanley Park, or skiing in the Rockies or Collingwood. ... It may be the best $40 you ever spend.

Maybe Emergency Kindness needs a complementary network of friendly Canadians up until the time when EC becomes available in the US without a prescription.