Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hey MaximumPC...You are cordially invited to bite me!

In their article 50 Skills Every Real Geek Should Have the guys (I'm going to go with guys here) at MaximumPC once again perpetrate the usual:

I quote:

Run All Your Essential Apps on a USB Stick: Any real nerd is almost sure to have a USB thumbdrive in his pocket at all times.

Hide Porn From Your Significant Other: These features make it so that your browser temporarily stops storing any information about your activities on the web, meaning that your wife won’t get any nasty surprises the next day when Google autocompletes her search to something obscene.

So, uh, there are no female nerds in MaximumPC's world? Granted, there aren't a lot of us, but there are more of us than some people apparently think. I'll let Randall Munroe explain.

I applaud the effort to at least be sort of gender-neutral, in that you guys did say "spouse" instead of "wife" originally. (There are also apparently no gay male geeks in MaximumPC's world, which would come as quite a surprise to some of my friends.) Let's go all the way with that one next time, okay?

Also, I really have to object to Explain What E=MC^2* Means to a Liberal Arts Major. There apparently are no liberal arts major geeks in MaximumPC's world, either, which definitely excludes me.

I'm a female geek with not one, but two liberal arts degrees. I can build a computer from parts. I test software for a living. I don't program very well (yet -- I'm kind of a UI/UX design kind of person), but I can read source code in at least four programming languages, not all of which are old and related to COBOL. I hand-coded all the HTML in this blog entry. I'm such a big fucking nerd, I like writing documentation and I get off on over-commenting my code.

In other words, fuck you and your stupid assumptions very much. Think before you write next time, hmmm?

* Amazing. I apparently know the superscript tag, and the people with the Geekier-Than-Thou complex didn't use it. Must be all those footnotes I have to use because I was a liberal arts major and I'm hardcore about citing sources... Oops.


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